Supplements: types and effects on the human body

Supplements: types and effects on the human body

Dietary supplements are a complex consisting of natural ingredients that provides tonic and regenerating effect on the human’s body. Supplements fills it up with essential vitamins, minerals. The supplements contain the products of the biological processes of microorganisms and the processing of plants.

The types of the dietary supplements


Biologically active supplements (BAS) come in different forms – in tinctures, pills, powders, capsules, drops, syrups, balsam teas, creams, ointments, etc. The release form depends on the type of the product.

To understand how dietary supplements affect the body, it is necessary to study the ingridients and types of these products. Depending on the ingridients, these types of dietary supplements are distinguished in the following way:

  1. Parapharmaceuticals. Such products contain the active substances of various plant extracts, products of plant or animal origin, as well as elements of the sea and its inhabitants. All these components have a strong effect, they are used to prevent diseases and improve the functioning of organs.
  2. Nutraceuticals. Consist of minerals, vitamins, organic acids, essential fats and other substances necessary for the body to function properly. They are used for the prevention of avitaminosis and nutrition correction.
  3. Eubiotics. The composition of these supplements include live microorganisms, which, when released into the intestine, restore its microflora and provide a positive effect to the digestive and immune systems.

How dietary supplements affect the body

The composition of dietary supplements include substances which are vital for the human body. When ingested, they are carried by blood to all tissues and organs. The therapeutic effect of the BAS depends on the composition, quality, concentration and combination of dietary supplements, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. With the right composition of dietary supplements, you will achieve the desired result.

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